'Many authors know how to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Jo Nesbo's one of the few who keeps them there' Linwood Barclay

'This is chilling, spectacular stuff, and anyone looking for serious, and seriously compelling, crime writing need look no further' Mark Billingham

'Jo Nesbo is my new favourite thriller writer and Harry Hole my new hero' Michael Connelly

Praise for Police

'Scandinavian crime thrillers don’t come much darker or more tense than the best-selling Harry Hole series, and this tenth outing for the Norwegian detective is the best yet' Sunday Mirror

'Boasts the customary ability to render attempts at work and sleep futile until it is finished' Daily Telegraph

'Filled with the right mix of disturbed villains, corruption and deranged scenarios to make it completely terrifying. Exactly what you want from a Nesbo novel' RTE Guide

'Nesbo’s best since The Snowman… Particularly strong in portraying the interaction between cops' The Times

'Nesbo is a clever writer and plotter. Over the years he has built a brilliant cast of supporting characters to orbit Hole and now it is their time to shine… Yet again, Nesbo has succeeded in producing a multi-layered and intertwining story that makes your head spin, while delivering a masterclass in suspenseful writing' Sunday Express

Praise for Phantom

‘Jo Nesbo writes tightly plotted, claustrophobic thrillers with plenty of snow and a brutal yet hopelessly romantic policeman hero with the wonderful name of Harry Hole... they’re also exuberantly, ingeniously gruesome’ Sunday Telegraph

‘Like a Scandinavian police version of the Jason Bourne series... a compulsive20page turner... Nesbo leads us into the murky back-streets of Oslo and a world of drug addiction and smuggling, gang warfare and corrupt officialdom – all of which social context is handled with real skill by the author.’ Independent on Sunday

‘Nesbo wrings out the tension, by turns painful and delicious,with consummate skill’ Sunday Express

‘Nesbo’s extraordinary writing power still mesmerises’ The Times

Phantom will maintain Jo Nesbo’s unstoppable momentum’ The Independent

‘A brilliant and incredibly fast-paced race through the violin-ravaged of Oslo to uncover who is at the centre of a drugs rung... ex-alcoholic Hole is dealing with more demons than 24’s Jack Bauer ... Sceptics may argue that crime fiction is too sensationalist and that endings are tied up too neatly but Phantom proves them all wrong.  Once you’ve read the conclusion you’ll agree that Nesbo’s writing is far from predictable’ Stylist

Praise for The Leopard

'Outstanding ... Probably the best big crime novel you could lay your hands on this year' Mark Lawson, BBC Radio 4 Front Row

'Comes just in time for fans who, since The Snowman, have been dying for more murder and mayhem in the frozen north... Harry is the quintessential detective: battle-scarred, world-weary, chain smoking, alcoholic but with a razor sharp mind and, of course, fantastically attractive to women.' The Irish Times

'Powerful writing, a plot of chilling, gripping grimness, and the hero Oslo cop Harry Hole descending even farther into his emotional maelstrom' The Times

'Nesbo is truly one of his capital's great literary celebrants... The Leopard's unflagging narrative tension, breathtaking surprises and many confrontations with half-suspected treachery (well served20by translator Don Bartlett's ear for dialogue) are superb' Independent

Praise for The Snowman

'Every now and then, a truly exceptional crime novel comes along, something so gripping that it recalls classics such as The Silence of the Lambs. This superb novel... deserves comparison with the first volume of Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy.' Sunday Times

'With his fury at official corruption, and reckless brutal integrity, this rebel Oslo cop looks well placed to secure the loyalty of Stieg Larsson fans' Independent, Boyd Tonkin

'With Henning Mankell having written his last Wallander novel and Stieg Larsson no longer with us, I have had to make the decision on whom to confer the title of best current Nordic writer of crime fiction. After finishing Jo Nesbo's The Snowman, I hesitate no longer. The Norwegian wins. ... This is crime writing of the highest order, in which the characters are as strong as the story, where an atmosphere of evil permeates, and the tension never lets up' The Times, Marcel Berlins

'Nesbo is shaping up to be the next big name in Scandinavian crime fiction, now that Mankell is on the point of retiring and Stieg Larsson is hors de combat' Independent, Barry Forshaw

Praise for The Redeemer

'The Redeemer rocks! Jo Nesbo is my new favourite thriller writer and Harry Hole20my new hero. This book had my pulse in the red zone from start to finish' Michael Connelly

'Terrific shocks, tension and atmosphere' The Times

'Interesting and exciting... Hole and his author provide unusually good reading' Literary Review

Praise for Nemesis

'Spiky police rivalry and terrific pace make this a cracking read and a thrilling writer to seek out...' Financial Times

'A superb novel... Nesbo is in a class of his own' Evening Standard

'This tale of revenge... has twists galore, and enough humanity in it to keep it grounded. A master at work' Time Out

Praise for The Devil's Star

'Terrific... a first-rate thriller' Sunday Telegraph

'The next best thing... absolutely gripping' Daily Telegraph

Praise for The Redbreast

'Scary... culminates in a nail-biting episode with overtones of The Day of the Jackal' The Independent

'A page-turner you won't want to put down' Time Out

Praise for Cockroaches

'An absolute treat'  Sunday Mirror

'Another sure-fire hit'  Sun

Praise for The Bat

'A fascinating book, filling in the gaps in Hole’s biography and telling the story of the murder case in Australia that cemented his reputation as a brilliant investigator... A stunning opening to the series' Sunday Times


'Nesbo is a terrific writer who knows how to build a story, taking you slowly to the top of a rollercoaster before sending you hurtling towards a solution that you never see coming' Sunday Express

' fully formed as the difficult, vulnerable personality we have come to know. The evocation of Australia itself has the customary Nesbo expertise...most satisfyingly - we can now see the organic shape that Nesbo always intended his work to take' Independent

'Whether a hardened Hole addict or a first-time imbiber, The Bat is sure to snare your interest with its tale of this booze-fuelled policeman' Sunday Sun


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