Meet Harry Hole
Born: 1963
Home: Oslo, Norway
Height: 6' 2" (192cm)
Weight: 15 stone (95 kilos)
Description: Close-shaven blond hair, blue eyes, pale complexion
Build: Athletic
Education: Law degree followed by training at Oslo Police College
Rank: Inspector in Crime Squad, Oslo Police Force
Career: Good but troubled cop who operates on his own personal code and often goes again superiors' instructions. He's faced the chop many times, but he gets results - and the truth is he's the best on the squad. Something of a celebrity after a career case that saw him track down a serial killer in Australia, he's often invited on TV shows to talk about his high-profile police work. He usually declines. In 1999 he was promoted to Inspector and seconded to the Norwegian security service for a major case.
Foiled a former World War II soldier bent on destruction, caught a deadly bank robber, busted a gun-smuggling ring that reached right up to Oslo's most powerful circles, tracked a desperate hit man at large in Oslo.
Marital status: Single, but his heart belongs to Rakel Faulke, with whom he has a very complex relationship. He's a strong, if flawed, father figure to Rakel's son Oleg.
Family: Father, Olav, still lives in their childhood home just outside Oslo
Mother, died when Harry and Sis were young
Sister, Sis, four years Harry's junior, has Down's Syndrome.
Friends: Harry trusts few people but among them are Rakel and Oleg, Beate Lonn (head of Forensics), Stale Aune (the police psychologist), Ali (who runs his local corner shop) and a handful of his colleagues. Tragedy has taken some of his best friends from him. He keeps neither his friends nor his enemies particularly close.
Foes: Crooked policemen and others abusing their power
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Most authority figures
Virtues: Compassion and a sense of fair play
Vice: Alcohol